A Love Song to Live On – front page news!!

In my 10 years of working in Charlotte as a public relations professional, I have helped clients announce news, events, and relevant happenings between the pages of the Charlotte Observer (when appropriate, of course). But I have never pitched a story to a reporter at the paper, only to see the story land on the front page of the Sunday edition!!

Last week I blogged about Matthew Chase Music and working with Sarah Tallman to help keep her late husband’s music alive. I only can hope that this cover story will assist in some small way and propel Matthew Chase’s music to bigger and better things.

Thanks to Elizabeth Leland at the Charlotte Observer who listened to my pitch on a busy Monday morning in the newsroom and taking the time to tell Sarah’s story in a wonderful way.



  1. Go girl!

  2. That was an amazing story. I fully enjoyed reading it and can see why it made the front page of the Sunday edition. How did you get involved in this project?

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  4. Amaute, this was referred to me through a contact I have at an advertising agency I worked at in Charlotte several years ago.

  5. I love this story!! I think it’s great that Michael’s music will live on! I checked out the website and his music is great! I can’t wait to pass this story on to my friends. I wish the best for his wife and the rest of his family! Good work, keep it up!

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  7. Nice find and congrats on getting that terrific story on the front page. Michael was certainly talented.

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