So many social networks, so little time

This is a great article in Ad Age that can help you navigate through the world of social networks and use them to your best advantage.

Like Liza, I have a Twitter account, a Facebook page, a blog, a CrackBerry, but it’s hard for me to stay focused on what I really want to get out of using these tools. Do I just want to reconnect with friends and post fun pictures from the weekend, or do I want to position myself as an expert, a PR pro, a writer and try to get new jobs, new leads and new contacts through my efforts? A little bit of both maybe.

If you’ve strategically created your image through social media tools and would like to provide helpful hints, please let us know. I’m all ears!



  1. Thanks for posting that link. I have pages on all but Facebook (I use MySpace to talk more about my fiction) and have been debating whether I want to do Facebook too. I’m not sure what it would add to my freelance niche – probably nothing because I don’t do the kind of work that allows for picture-posting. And I don’t really want to talk about being a “mommy writer” beyond my blog and the odd Twitter comment.

    BTW – I’m following you on Twitter and here because I’m actually looking to move to the Greenville area. If the market ever improves. 🙂

  2. Thanks for your comment, Christa. I think the best thing about using social media as a branding tool is that you don’t have to have everything all figured out. You can learn as you go and see what works, what doesn’t and then concentrate on the areas from where you receive the most feedback.

    If you are ever in the Greenville area, please drop us a note. Liza and I love getting together for coffee or lunch and meeting new people in the community. Good luck and keep us posted with any success stories. Kim

  3. Kim, that’s a nice article in AdAge, but it only covers the basics – it’s like an article about television claiming that NBC, ABC, and CBS is all there is to TV.

    I don’t have any advice, but here’s what I do: I jump in and create profiles on just about any social network and microblogging service I think I might be interested in at some point, or I imagine my network might be interested in at any point in the future.

    So, I have a list of social media tools I use on a daily basis:
    my two blogs
    a couple of other niche social networks (inlcuding one for yoga lovers in Greenville)

    I have accounts on other networks that I check maybe once a week:

    And I have accounts on places that I don’t use on a regular basis but I wanted to check them out and learn them, so got started anyway – such as Plurk, utterz, etc.

    I see it as part of my job to know what these things are, but not to use all of them. I only use the ones that connect me to people who matter.

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