Successfully pitched a blogger – share your stories!

Even though Liza and I have been blogging since March, I haven’t had many opportunities to pitch a blogger myself. Well, I got the perfect chance last week when I was working on a project for the German American Chamber of Commerce South.

They are hosting the 11th annual Bierfest this Friday at Falls Park, and – in addition to conducting traditional media relations activities – I decided to send the information to Brian Cendrowski, blogger at Untamed Beer.

He recently sent me the post, and I hope that it encourages his readers – especially those who are beer lovers of the German variety – to attend and enjoy the event. (You should come, too, if you are in town and want to enjoy some authentic German cuisine, culture and music!!)

In the interest of total transparency, I think I should also mention that Brian is Nicole Cendrowski’s husband. But even though I wasn’t “cold pitching,” the information obviously had to be relevant to his target audience and timely enough to create interest and action.

Do you have success stories in pitching bloggers? Or do you have any “do not try this at home” tips to share from unsuccessful attempts? Join the conversation and let us know your thoughts!


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  1. This comment isn’t about pitching to bloggers. I just want to express that PR and beer go well together, like a grilled brat and sauteed onions.

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