Palmetto PR Diva Dish, Kara Dullea, president, Details Destination Management, Inc.

This week’s PR Diva Dish features Kara Dullea, president of Details Destination Management, Inc.  She recently introduced a national event management and public relations company right in Greenville’s own backyard!  I’m excited to hear updates as she lands great accounts and cool projects (see below for her hit in The New York Times, as well as details on her newest client).  And happy Friday!

 o        Please provide title and a brief description of what you do: Kara Dullea, President, Details Destination Management, Inc. We specialize in the planning and coordination of destination meetings and corporate events throughout the United States, and also provide public relations services.


o        How did you become interested in the public relations/advertising industry? My love of public relations began with a fascination with journalism. Public relations gave me the ability to write, work with journalists, and do event planning, which was another natural love. Over the years, the event planning part of my job sort of took over and eventually led me to opening a destination management company.


o        What changes have you seen in the industry that is the most interesting to you? Without a doubt, the astronomical increase in the number of communication outlets is something that provides so many new avenues of opportunity for public relations professionals. I find blogs and social networking sites as fascinating as they are challenging to keep up with.


o        Are you involved in any professional associations?  If so, what are they and what do you learn by being involved? Meeting Planners International and the Association of Destination Management Executives are the two that are most relevant to my business and bring the most value because of the global access to resources they provide. PRSA has also proven valuable to me in the past when I was solely focused on PR, but it’s proving valuable with my new business in respect to professional networking.


o        What is the one piece of advice you would give students that are interested in pursuing a career in the public relations/investor relations/marketing industry? 1) When you’re ready to intern and/or graduate, look for a job at one of the large, global firms in a major metro market; 2) Quality is far better than quantity; 3) Make the AP Stylebook your professional bible.


o        What is the best thing about your job? As owner, I am free to pursue any activity I wish.


o        What is the thing you like least about your job? Maintaining the books.


o        Are there any exciting announcements you’d like to tell us about (either with your company or one of your clients)? Yes! Details recently secured a major feature in The New York Times for its client Derbyshire, an Old English-themed residential community being developed in Tryon, N.C. We also picked up a new account last week: Staged 4 You, an extremely popular home staging business in upstate South Carolina.


o        How do you balance your professional career with your personal life? It may sound corny, but by paying attention to all the details I don’t waste time, which allows me to build a decent amount of “me” time into each week.


o        Anything else you would like to add? Details Destination Management, Inc. is building a website. If you would like to learn more information about Details now or receive a notice when our website goes live, please email me at 


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