Share your AP style book stories!

Yesterday, I sung the praises of my AP Style book on Twitter. When it comes to writing and abiding by journalistic style, the style book is pretty much THE reference guide for PR practitioners.

My edition is from 2005 and I joked that it has coffee stains, red pen marks and probably some tears on it, too.

In this day and age, I’m sure my 2005 copy is way out of date.

How long have you had your style book? How often to you get a new one? If you have the most recent one, does it address Twitter, RSS feeds, social media, etc.? Do you refer to the AP style book often?

Oh yeah, I’m totally digging Twitter, too. I’ve already had conversations with people where I would never have the opportunity otherwise. You can follow me at and Liza at



  1. Mine’s from 2002 – ancient! I still love it, though. Guess I need to upgrade.

  2. Mine’s from 2000!!! But I must say I rarely refer to it. I used to be an editor for a parenting Web site and I pretty much got it all memorized. Occasionally, I forget the abbreviation for a state and have to look that up and I always get stuck on magazine titles. Do I italicize, put in quotes, capitalize? Would be interesting to see what they have to say about Twitter.

  3. Good post, Kim! I actually have three stylebooks on my bookshelf – an AP stylebook, an AMA stylebook and a US News & World Report stylebook! I use different ones according to what I’m writing and who I’m writing for. I used to work for an organization that would purchase a new AP stylebook for us every few years and I can’t say I noticed much difference between issues. However, it is probably time to replace mine by now, since mine is from the late 90’s! ! I really don’t refer to my stylebooks very often these days thanks to some intensive writing I did as a magazine copywriter. Good questions!

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