Giving props to the ‘rents today – today is their 36th anniversary!

Over the years, the opinions and views I’ve had on a boat load of issues have changed. But as a an Army brat and a daughter of a Master Warrant Officer in the United States Army, who moved around quite a bit, I vowed never to date a man in the military.

The sacrifices are unbelievable and I watched my mother hold it together while my dad went to Germany for years at a time, only to see him during holidays. And I also watched my mom pack up the old house and get us settled into a new house each time we moved – sometimes to a different country! From New Jersey to Maryland to Alabama to Germany and then to California, they have been through it all.

And today they are celebrating their 36th wedding anniversary! They finally settled in Charlotte, N.C. and I don’t think they are going anywhere soon.

Just wanted to give a big shout out to them! As I approach my own first wedding anniversary, it’s nice to have an example to follow…Labor Day is also coming up – a weird August date. So hug a friend or family member who has served their country. They sacrifice way more than you think…


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  1. Customer service brought me to your blog and this post leads me to invite you to my blog where under different posts I have covered my take on the armed forces, love, marriage and other subjects. I shall be pleased to respond to any comments that you may wish to leave on any of my posts.

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