How do you know you are ready for the APR exam?!

After moving on to the final step in the Accreditation process, I feel like I am stuck! I have been studying for the APR exam the entire summer (to include reading all 17 chapters of “Effective Public Relations”), using the flash cards that Beth Thomason was so nice to loan to me, re-reading my notes and using the APR study guide I received from Brett Turner.

I feel like I definitely am on my way to performing well with the exam, but I am hestitant to make the appointment. What if I need to study more? How will I know when I’m ready? I think I will just make the appointment for the end of August and will have to work off that date to make sure I am really prepared…but I am really scared.

Is anyone else in the same boat? Has anyone recently passed their APR exam? If so, I would love to hear your advice!



  1. Hello, I have also been preparing for accreditation this summer. I found your blog by researching for more info on the portfolio portion of the Readiness Review. Have you taken the test yet? I participated in the online course provided by the UAB. I found it extremely helpful in understanding that the exam questions are all scenario based and so if you are well-versed with all the KSAs, you should be on your way. Especially if the panel passed you and gave you insight on further preparation. I have submitted my questionaire and will have the RR in ten days. I am curious what formats you used to do your presentation.

  2. Norita, I prepared a presentation for the Readiness Review panel to include a public relations plan for a current client to demonstrate how I used research, planning, and evaluation strategies to implement a variety of tactics in order to reach communications goals. I also included examples of other marketing materials we created that accompanied the public relations program. We spent the rest of the time having an informal conversation about my experiences working in the public relations industry and my views on several current topics.

    Good luck with your RR!

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