Taking it all with you on vacation?

Ah, the July 4 holiday is here, can you believe it?!  I’ve really enjoyed chatting with editors, colleagues and friends about plans for the long weekend and am definitely looking forward to a little fun in the sun myself.

As of noon on July 3, my husband and I still have not packed for our trip to Deerfield Beach, Florida…and our flight leaves tonight at 8!  It’s a little town a stone’s throw away from Boca Raton and my aunt, uncle and cousin live down there.  I’m quite sure their place was built before zoning laws were enforced, because you can literally dangle your feet out their window and touch the water!  (Maybe a little exaggeration on my part!)

Anyway, the dillema is: How much of your “real world life” do you bring with you on vacation?  Do I bring my running shoes to squeeze a morning run in?  Will I bring my lap top?  Should I work on my PRSA database project while I’m on the plane? 

I’m sure it wouldn’t kill me to not run on my vacation, but I love running, especially on the beach!  And I’m quite positive that the database project will be waiting for me when I return next week. 

With innovations in technology, it’s nearly impossible to disappear for a while and just sit back, enjoy friends and family and wait for the fireworks.  So I guess the question is, when should work stop and vacation begin?  Or are we living in a day and age in which that is simply not possible anymore?

We’re profiling Christina Helms tomorrow for our PR Diva Dish section.  I’m going to try to create a draft and schedule to publish it tomorrow so we can move on – business as usual – through the holiday weekend.

Have a great and safe holiday; whatever you and your family have planned.  And if anyone has some insight to share on how to separate work when vacationing, please share!


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