Need a little PEP in your step?

Liza and I attended the June SC PRSA meeting yesterday where Greg Blake, chief encouragement officer for PepWorks! International spoke. The topic was “ER for PR: How to stay up in down times.”

I have met Greg for coffee twice and each time I left so motivated and energetic just from being around his positive energy, I felt like I could conquer the world (just ask Liza – I called her after our first meeting and I think I caught her off guard on how excited I sounded).

Because of this, and because of his experience in giving motivational speeches and team leadership workshops to a number of Fortune 500 companies throughout the nation, I thought it would be a great idea for him to come speak to SC PRSA.

Let’s face it, with the constant string of news stories about the sagging economy combined with the fact that the public relations industry can present a number of challenges throughout the day, it’s more important than ever to learn the keys to staying motivated.

Some of his words of wisdom are things I’ve heard before but needed to hear them again including: put your goals in writing; don’t stop networking; and keep your priorities in order (hint: career should not be the FIRST priority!). They are all great ways to feel proactive and in control of your life, thus staying positive no matter what challenges you face.

But the one new thing I took away from the meeting is that I need to learn more about my colleagues and clients and their lives outside of work. Nothing too invasive, but little things, like what are their hobbies? What do they do on vacation? Who was their first crush?

O.K. That might be going a little too far, but I think Greg’s point is that when you go throughout the day “business as usual” with everyone you meet, it can be hard to connect and stay motivated…so maybe a little personal touch just might do the trick.

What do you think? Have you incorporated any of this advice into your own life? Do you make it a point to actually get to know your coworkers, clients and vendors beyond just learning their vital signs? And by all means share with us who your first crush was!


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