Was anyone else rooting for Rocco?

I know.  I know.  I know.  Tiger Woods is the best golfer.  Ever. At the US Open he went out this weekend and beat every golfer on one good leg while still recovering from knee surgery and now needs only four major titles to tie Nicklaus’ record.  He is mentally strong, physically strong and is the best – period.

I’m not taking anything away from Tiger, but here’s the thing. I am a big fan of the underdog – always have been. I wanted the Giants to beat the Patriots. I want local coffee shops to prevail over a certain Seattle-based international coffee conglomerate. And I am a hopeless romantic when it comes to thinking the Baltimore Orioles will ever be good.

So here comes Rocco Mediate, a 45-year old who held his own against Tiger for the whole weekend, and then came back on Monday only to lose to Tiger after 19 holes. Ugh. Tiger wins. Again. What can you do but be happy for the him?

Maybe it’s my entrepreneurial spirit, but I think the reason why I always root for the underdog is because I think if you have the experience, the grit and the determination, you can be just as good as your competitor – no matter how much more muscle or name recognition they have behind them.

This rings true in the business world, too. Liza and I went out on our own because we wanted to have the ability to give our clients the best service possible and we wanted to have the chance to build deeper relationships with our clients.

We have the big agency experience and we also have large clients with great reputations, but it’s a challenge for us as independent practitioners when we set our sights on new business opportunities. How can we compete with national and international integrated advertising and public relations agencies that might be approaching a prospective client, too?

Does anyone out there have any advice for entrepreneurs that – like Rocco – can go head to head with major competitors – like Tiger – and make a name for themselves? Are there any other IPs out there that can relate to my wishes that the underdog prevail? Tell me I’m not alone!!


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