Budweiser Bier?

Beer fridgeLast week, an announcement came down about Belgium-based company InBev’s desire to purchase American icon Anheuser-Busch beer (BUD), which includes Budweiser and Budlight brands, among others.

And although my family’s personal favorite “The Blue” Miller Light and Miller Brewing Company was purchased by South African Breweries a while back, it didn’t garner the same attention as this potential sale.

The sites SaveAB.com and SaveBud.com have popped up to gather support to stop the company’s sale. Anheuser-Busch has long been seen and targeted as America’s beer, and the thought of it being run by a company overseas, like so many iconic American brands before, is sitting worse for a lot of people than a glass warm, flat brew.

I’m not a big beer drinker myself, but I’ve got to say, there’s something nostalgiac about Anheuser-Busch. I’ve grown up watching those Clydesdale horse commercials, the red-white-and-blue cans remind me of summer picnics and ballgames. And while most people won’t be able to tell a lick (or taste) of difference in their beloved Budweiser even if this sale goes through, it’s just the principal that matters most to me.

Is this just another case of globalization run rampant? Does it matter? I think it does. It’s why we cheer so hard for our respective countries every time the Olympics roll around, because we’re proud of where we’re from and we want to keep those traditions and cultures alive. We stand up and and speak loudly (or create Web sites, in this instance) to make our voices heard.

What do you think? Is this just another blip on the globalization radar screen? Why fight for one American brand and not all of them? What sets certain American brands apart from others as representatives for our culture?


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