Big Ups!!

What kind of PR person would I be if I didn’t brag on my beloved clients every once in a while??

A big, giant congratulations goes out to Brains on Fire for bringing home a Gold Effie award last night in NYC, for their work with “Rage Against the Haze,” South Carolina’s youth-led anti-tobacco movement.

This is the first Effie for Brains on Fire, and was one of the few true word of mouth movements to receive an award last night. The Effies judge not just on creative talent, but also on measurable results.

Over the past six years, Rage Against the Haze has grown from 92 to 4,000 youth across South Carolina speaking and acting out against tobacco use, despite continued program budget cuts and the state having the cheapest cigarette tax in the nation.

I know all of the folks at Brains on Fire, as well as at SC DHEC, have worked tremendously hard on this movement and are so proud of their success (as well they should be!).

So, congratulations all around. The Palmetto PR Divas are so proud of you!!


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  1. Hey, thanks for the love Liza! We’re still kinda buzzing around here, but work seems to keep getting in the way of true celebration. But thanks again…for the love, and for your hard work…rock on!

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