‘Tis the (wedding) season

Weddings can be a pain in the butt.  There are a bazillion details to iron out, they take forever to plan and all your worlds seem to collide when family on both sides and friends at very different stages in your life all come together to celebrate your big day. 

Of course, I can’t speak from experience – I ducked out of the country and got married on the beach in Jamaica with only immediate family present.  (It was lovely and stress free.) 

But I love going to a good wedding and am excited to be in the throes of wedding season.  Liza and I both have already begun to receive invites to a few this summer and even attended (separate) ones this weekend.  (In fact, this weekend was Liza’s 5th wedding anniversary!)

Weddings are – no doubt – a big market and there are lots of opportunities to position clients as experts this time of year in wedding features to provide new trends, as well as share tips and anecdotes to entertain the masses. 

So, in the spirit of wedding season, is there anyone out there that can tell us about how they got their clients a chance to chime in on a wedding feature?

As I mentioned in a previous post, my husband was a groomsman in a wedding this weekend…I’ve known him for several years and have never seen him in a tux (probably never will again) so I need to share this with as many people as I can!





  1. I think WOMM is the key in this arena, which is ironic because of the SCPRSA luncheon we just attended. Brides, and more importantly, wedding planners go with caterers and photographers that they have relationships with and they know the quality of the finished product. Wedding planners in today’s society are key. With our hectic lifestyles and the recent birth of “bridezillas,” wedding planners are becoming the new “mother-in-law.”

    If you have a client with phenominal food, offer wedding planners a sample day. Having the planner taste the food and recognize the skill level would be the best way to inlist their services. An ad or facebook page just wouldn’t cut it in this realm.

    Also, reasearch the pricing for local caters and either cut your prices or offer better food. The organic movement has changed the culianry scope forever and the price of catering is holding less influence as long as the food is fresh, beautiful and tasty.

    For photographers I think it would be a little more difficult, but go along the same lines. Go to a park, take photos of the locals, forward them to the wedding planners. Or better yet, if you can afford it, do a few pro-bono photoshoots for weddings in the area. Guaranteed, if you do great work and are great to work with, the planners will book you again.

    It’s all about proving the quality of work and investing yourself in what you do. Get to know the wedding planners, they are your gold.

  2. Melea, I agree that WOMM (word of mouth marketing) plays a key role in recommending wedding services. Wedding days are so important and you only have one chance to get it right, so people are going to go to friends they trust to get direction and help in planning their special day.

    I know a friend in Charlotte that went on a rampage about a certain wedding cake shop, which ultimately led several brides-to-be to go with other services. It can go both ways!!

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