Twitter Envy

Have you tweeted yet today? No, I’m not talking about something obscene, I’m talking the next new (well, not that new) social media application you’ve probably been reading about: Twitter.

I fought it off for a long time. I mean, I have a Web site. A blog. I read my news in an RSS reader. I constatly check my Crackberry for news updates and e-mails. I have a Facebook page with (shockingly!) lots of friends. And now Twitter?

Twitter is like IM for the masses. In 140 characters or less, you can update your ‘followers’ as to what you’re doing at any given time. Going to eat lunch? Just picked up the dog from the vet? You just witnessed a massive wreck that’s going to tie up traffic for hours? You can post it all on Twitter.

So I finally caved and created an account (I know Dr. V. is so proud I finally jumped on the bandwagon!). I won’t lie, I’m still figuring out how I can use this effectively. I mean, my clients are on Twitter. Do I really want them knowing everytime I decide to blow off an afternoon to go to Target? Maybe not.

But as Geno Church from Brains on Fire (one of my beloved clients) told me: Twitter has no right or wrong usage. You can use it to chat, use it as a blog alert, use it as micro-blogs, the list goes on and on. It is very relevant because now many brands are using it as a way for employees to converse with customers.

Some media outlets are starting to use Twitter, too. CNN’s iReport has a Twitter feed that allows you to send breaking news to them. I’ve seen some editors post queries for column ideas.

The key will be figuring out how PR can use Twitter as another creative tool in the shed. Some will misuse it, some will ignore it all together, but as its numbers continue to grow, it’s evident Twitter is the next big thing. As PR professionals, it’s our job to know about all of the social media tools out there so that we can use them (or choose not to use them) strategically with our clients.

Kevin from The Bad Pitch Blog sums this up better than me in his post today.

Oh, and if you want to take the plunge, you can follow me as I try to figure this thing out. My Twitter name is paynejonespr. Happy Tweeting!



  1. glad to see you on twitter… let’s have lunch soon and talk more about how you can make the best out of it.

  2. Hey! Guess what?? We’re broadcasting our “mortgage pick of the day” on Twitter! Once our mortgage rates are established for the day, we’ll broadcast (tweet) a short message on our favorite home loan scenario, along with APR, points, and loan amount.

    We’re also asking questions and calling out blog posts and Yahoo! Answers discussions that we like.

    Since we don’t have a lot of people following us yet, we haven’t seen much chatter back, but you just never know who will see this and do something besides tweet back.

    If you want to see what we’ve been talking about so far, go to

    Thanks for talking about Twitter, Liza! Since it is so open-ended, it’s hard for people to grasp initially. But, the more you watch what people are doing with it, the more it makes sense.


  3. O.K. Christy and Liza, I’ll trust you. I started Tweeting 24 hours ago and we’ll see what happens!

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