APR Readiness Review recap

So many people have e-mailed me asking how the Readiness Review was on Thursday – thanks so much for your support! All in all – and despite the fact that I was pretty nervous – I think it went well.

I met the APR Readiness Review panel, which consisted of three APR professionals, and came prepared with my readiness presentation. (According to PRSA, the Readiness Review is the point-of-entry for Accreditation candidates and sets the tone for the process to ensure individuals are sufficiently experienced and prepared as possible for the exam).

A major element of the Readiness Review Presentation was my portfolio, which outlined a public relations plan I created for a client, as well as provided supporting documents, examples of accompanying activities and also media coverage received. I also fielded questions on my thoughts about a variety of issues in the public relations industry – this part was more of a casual conversation.

It took about two hours. At the end, the panel discussed areas in which I should concentrate in order to prepare for the exam. While I think I passed to go on to the next step (which is the exam) I just want to wait for an official letter from PRSA that will tell me if I passed or not. Call me a skeptic, but I like to see written documentation before I start singing anything from the rooftops!! I will let everyone know as soon as I get the final word.

Just to get a head start on the exam part, I met with a local PR practitioner last week, Beth Thomason of Thomason PR, and she gave me flash cards that she used when she studied for the APR. Thanks, Beth! (I hope she participates in the PR Diva Dish section soon to let everyone know what is going on with her, because she has a lot of great insights to share.)

And, I also ordered the most recent edition of “Effective Public Relations” from Amazon.com today. It’s pretty much the standard text book from which I will study to prepare for the exam.

So, that’s all for now. Stay tuned.


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