One-minute coaching session – be prepared for the tough questions

O.K. So, a colleague forwarded me a link to a blog yesterday, and I thought the “One-minute coaching session” post was pretty interesting.

She’s right – you do have to be prepared to answer the akward questions. One of the golden rules of media relations is you better be prepared, because if there is a question you don’t want someone to ask, they are going to ask it!

What can you do to help your key spokesperson stay on message?
– Anticipate tough questions and rehearse responses beforehand.

My APR Readiness Review is in two hours! I’m pretty nervous, but I’ve spent most of my waking hours this week preparing my portfolio (Thanks go out to friends, family and colleagues who have been patient with me this week. I haven’t been as responsive as I normally am!).

It reminds me of when I first trained for a half-marathon, I was about three weeks out from the actual race. I was in a group class and the coach offered to go for one more long run, but she said, “It doesn’t matter – at this point – if you run this last long run or not. Either you are prepared or you aren’t, and you can’t do anything about it now because we’re too late in the game.” That’s sort of how I feel now. I feel prepared and somewhat confident, but really can’t do anything more to prepare at this point!

I’ll keep you posted.


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