I heart Greenville

Whenever family or friends come and visit Greenville, they are completely stunned by how beautiful the city is, as well as how friendly everyone in it seems.  There are great parks, a waterfall along the river, and a downtown that offers everything from unique restaurants to shops and from art exhibits to nightly entertainment.  My aunt is visiting next week and I’m taking her to see a play at Greenville Little Theatre, which I have read and heard great things about (the power of PR and third party credibility is so important)!

And for my husband, no matter what season it is, he always takes visitors by the baseball stadium (which is now Fluor Field) where the minor league baseball team, the Greenville Drive, plays.

I think he partly shows the field off because it’s modeled after Fenway Park – the dimensions around the outfield wall are the same specifications as Fenway (Fluor Field even has its own “Green Monster,” a 30-foot high wall in left field, equipped with a manual scoreboard).

But the other reason is because we always have such a great time at these games.  It’s nestled in a part of the city that was recently revitalized and the food is good, the games are fun, there’s a lot of action going on around the game and it’s just an all around fun time.  Plus, it’s friendly on the wallet.  We went to a game last night and the tickets were $7 a piece!

Even thought I’m singing Greenville’s praises from the rooftops, there has been a lot of other, larger efforts made to position this area as not only a vacation destination but a great place to live. Erwin-Penland organizers created the “I was blown away” campaign, www.iwasblownaway.com, and I also recently read about the bounce agency’s marketing blitz, timetothaw.com, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  As a resident, I want everyone to know just how special this area is.  (If any EPers or bounce folks out there can keep us posted on the success of these campaigns, please let us know!)

Here is a picture from last night’s game!  How can you not love it?!




  1. Hey Kim. Glad you liked the Time To Thaw campaign. Go to this link for a full explanation: http://www.thebounceagency.com/pr/TimeToThawChicago.htm?utm_source=email_marketing_system__the_bounce_agency&utm_medium=email&utm_content=525521&utm_campaign=South%20Carolina%u2019s%20%22Time%20To%20Thaw%22%20Campaign%20Warms%20Up%20Chicago.

    Although official measurements are planned at the 3- and 6-month marks (mid-June and mid-Sept.), we have had a couple of neat stories come through. For instance, one couple saw the exit sign, took a picture of it and within 24 hours were headed south. When they reached the SC border, they went into the SC Welcome Center and showed the people that work there the photo and told them the story. Hopefully, more than one happy couple were so moved, but nevertheless it’s fun when you hear how your work directly affects people. I’ll do my best to keep everyone here posted on the official results.

  2. SSSShhhhh, you keep talking like that and everyone will want to live here!! Not sure how much longer Greenville is going to be the little hidden secret…I just dont think there are many places left that offer all that Greenville does without the added bonus of ridiculous traffic and runaway housing prices. Greenville is a great place…no doubt about it.

  3. Thanks for the link, Kara. I love the YouTube video, and I’m sure a lot of Chicagoians appreciated the warm, South Carolina breezes courtesy of the hand dryers!

    And what a neat story! I’m glad the couple decided to come on down, and I encourage others to do the same.

    Rick, there’s plenty of sunshine to go around! Thanks for your comments.

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