Any experience with social media news releases?

The following article examines how social media news releases can be appealing to a variety of audiences – including traditional journalists – by providing a brief description of the release (helping to eliminate promotional fodder while leaving the spin for journalists), as well as links to relevant sources, quotes from executives and even consumers.

I have distributed multi-media news releases, which included b-roll footage of interviews, a news release, links to my client’s site and high-res images and found the format to be pretty user-friendly.  However, I haven’t had any recent experience in distributing social media news releases to tell the whole story through multi-media…anyone out there that can shed some light on the successes/challenges of distributing newsworthy information in this way?  If so, we’d love to hear about it.



  1. Currently I am working the Sports Communication industry and most of my work deals with fan engagement. One of our features is the Sports Blog Index, which ranks the top ten most influential sports blogs by sport. In releasing this, we have tremendous success with the releases. The hardest part is tracking it and knowing the types of media that will pick it up.

    The issue is that most people in our industry believe that a releases success is based on the size and prominence of the publication that picks it up. Our press releases have been picked in large part by the sports blogosphere. Reaction from traditional media doesn’t come in the form of ‘ink’, instead it serves more as a way to facilitate interviews.

    is only successful Best place to receive more information is through the Word Of Mouth Marketing Association. Actually they just had a teleconference with Social Media as their focus.

  2. I imagine the Sports Blog Index is a great way to create a dialogue between sports fans, as well, which is much more engaging than traditional one-way marketing tactics, and allows your audience to be heard.

    You mentioned the biggest challenge is tracking success – Does anyone out there have experience in tracking social media activities?

  3. I know Umbria (who was just acquired by JD Power) monitors the blogosphere and can research and track how many times a brand is mentioned, etc. They provide some interesting metrics on how to track where you’re mentioned and when.

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