Readiness Review scheduled – APR process cont.

O.K.  So it looks like the Readiness Review is scheduled for Thursday, April 24 at 2 p.m.  I am glad that I worked on my questionnaire before I sent my application.  Otherwise, I feel like I probably would have needed more time.  I have three weeks until I go before a panel of three APRs and present a public relations campaign…to show my knowledge in the industry and prove I’m ready to move forward and take the exam.  Scary stuff! 

Already have your APR?  If so, do you want to share your experience?  

Are you just thinking of getting your APR?  If so, what are the pros and cons to pursuing it at this point in your life?  Join the conversation!



  1. Getting my APR was the best professional decision I ever made. Being the equivalent o becoming a CPA, it is the highest designation one can attain in the PR industry. It has helped me position myself as a senior-level practitioner and provided me with the overall and well-rounded skills all senior-level PR pros need to be successful running a company, department or agency. As how we communicate continues to evolve and change on an almost daily basis, people are starting to understand the key and vast differences between advertisng, marketing, public relaations, new media, blogging, etc. All are very important – and different – in getting your message out. Therefore, the APR designation will continue to grow in importance.

  2. Thanks, Brett. For those of you who don’t know, Brett is the Accreditation Chair for SC PRSA and is the one who has motivated me to pursue this designation. He has also offered support for each stage of this process. If you are interested in pursuing your APR or have any questions about the process, Brett is a great resource!

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