For real, though…..

I’ve never claimed to be the most technologically-savvy person out there.  Definitely not one of those cool ‘early adopter’ kids.  But I’d like to think I’m not at the end of the pack, either.  I’m somewhere in the middle, constantly learning about new communications tools that help me tell my clients’ stories more effectively, and build better relationships with the media. 

Sure, at first glance, this whole social media thing can seem daunting.  But like anything, once you dive in and start doing it (and learning how to use it right, the first time), it gets easier and more manageable (and actually fun!).  The guys over at the Bad Pitch Blog seem to sum it right for me and give some good tips on how to use social media with your media relations outreach:  Keep your head in the game, don’t be blinded by all the bright shinies out there and learn how to use the tools to help you and your clients tell the important stories. 

How have you adapted to using social media in your media relations efforts?  Has it changed the way you practice PR?  Let your diva-self (or divo-self, for the men in the house) be heard….


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