Let’s Go Tigers!

Have you heard the news? Clemson University has been approved to start a Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) chapter!  This is huge – until now, there have been no PRSSA chapters represented in South Carolina’s Upstate.  I hear a couple of other schools in the region are applying for chapters, too, and I think the more, the merrier. 

It’s important for our higher education institutions to promote the public relations industry and align with organizations like PRSSA to give the next generation of PR practitioners the theory and practice they need to learn.  Being part of PRSSA will allow Clemson students to explore the great career of PR, learn from seasoned vets and open the door to more internship opportunities.  Way to go, Clemson, and a big shout out to Dr. Mihaela Vorvoreanu (www.prconnections.net) for spearheading the campaign to bring the chapter to the Upstate.  Go Tigers! 

PS – if you’re a Clemson student interested in joining PRSSA, I’m sure Dr. “V” would welcome inquiries.  She and I will be working together over the coming months as the chapter kicks off.



  1. Congratulations and good luck to Dr. V and Liza J.! I know Clemson University’s PRSSA chapter will be a great organization to provide students a head start in pursuing a career in public relations!

    I was an active participant of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s PRSSA chapter and enjoyed getting to know other students interested in the PR industry while working on some fun and educational projects!

    Dr. Alan Freitag, APR, mentored all of us in the PRSSA chapter and I credit his assistance for helping me land my first job after graduation.

  2. I can’t wait to get the chapter rolling! We still need to work on some paperwork internally – in fact, some students and I are meeting tonight to get it done. I expect the chapter to start full speed in the Fall. I hope many of you PR practitioners in the Upstate will come talk to students at PRSSA meetings! Thanks for your support, Liza!

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