Moving Greenville Forward

Like most Greenville natives, I can list off all of the amazing transformations this city has seen over the past 15 years.  When I was in high school, my friends and I couldn’t wait to get out of this place – surely there had to be life past the Pizza Hut on East North Street (it’s now a Pho Noodle) and Haywood Mall.  Some years and a stint in the big city of Atlanta  later had me clamoring to be back in G-vegas.  I couldn’t believe all of the change that had taken place, and that continues to take place.

One of my favorite organizations in town helping that progress along is Greenville Forward, led by Russell Stall and my good buddy Brock Koonce (  This group is committed to smartly growing our community – and encourages everyone to get involved and help make Greenville even better.  It’s groups like this that will help strengthen our sweet little city and make it one of the South’s best unkept secrets.  Check Greenville Forward out when you get a chance and see if there’s a place where you might like to get involved. 


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  1. Kim,
    Love the blog. Couldn’t agree with you more on the Ad Age article you wrote last week. Best of luck with your Cooper River Bridge run. I wish you continued success in your business!

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