Staying on track

Since we’re close, personal friends now I can let you in on a secret.  I love being busy.  I love having lots of projects on my plate and I really dig public relations and writing.   So, when I plan to embark on a project, I like to tell everyone around me…This keeps me on track and I feel a responsibility to finish the projects I start, because I told everyone and their mother about it. 

 When I trained for my first marathon I told everyone about it.  I figured it would actually be easier to run 26.2 miles than to go back and explain to everyone why I didn’t follow through!

 Since I started my own company and want to pursue freelance writing projects and my APR, I figured if I blogged about it then I would stay pretty committed to doing everything in my power to stay on track.  Of course, the divaness in me absolutely required that I read a book about blogging before actually pursuing it.  I have “how to” books on EVERYTHING.  My husband sees me come in with a Barnes and Nobles bag and he says, “Now what?”

I have books on how to train for a marathon, how to follow a raw food diet (more about this in a minute), how to be a freelance consultant, how to follow the Jillian Michael’s 30-day training program, Puppies for Dummies, Reading like a Writer and This Year You Write Your Novel.  I even have a book titled, “Why women think too much.”  ha!

Shall we revisit a time when I didn’t follow through with something?  Let’s go back to that raw food diet thing.  I thought it was a great idea and was very excited to make my own hummus for the first time – from scratch with dried garbonzo beans.  I don’t think I soaked the beans for long enough, which made for a really hard, inconsistent batch of hummus.  I got frustrated and threw it out…down the garbage disposal.   It got stuck and actually broke one of the blades off our disposal system.  Our house smelled like one big bean and we had to fork over some money to repair the disposal.  My husband threw the book out and that was the end of my raw food diet phase.

Once I start something I can become pretty excited about it and then my husband has to hear about it forever.  Until, that is, I decide to move on to the next project.  I just might be a serial hobbyist, but I know that my love for public relations, writing and running will never go away.  Keep me on track people! 

Can anyone relate to this?  Have you ever started something and not finished it?


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