SC Smiles articles

For many seasoned writers, it might be just another day for them to see their name in print.

You see, for most public relations professionals, their sole goal is to stay behind the curtain and get their clients’ names published and to position them as experts in their respective industries. 

I have spent my entire career doing this and still love it!  However, after I went out on my own, I started pursuing freelance writing, as well.  I have taken some writing courses and just joined a writing group (our first meeting is on Monday!) and so I haven’t had the luxury of getting many things published thus far.

Back in July I submitted two articles for the 2008 SC Smiles, South Carolina’s travel and tourism publication.  I just received my copy and it was pretty exciting to see my name – my maiden name, Kim Simko – staring back at me…twice!  I wrote about three books written by South Carolina authors (In their own words), as well as taste-tested three restaurants (Upcountry dining, a sample of the region’s best) in the Upstate South Carolina area. 

Are there any writers out there that remember the first time you saw your name in print? Want to share?

Check it out!

South Carolina Smiles and Places 2008 Official Vacation Guide


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