“Day in the life of a journalist” – About this project

I’m interested in shadowing journalists for a piece I’m writing.  It’s a “day in the life of” article that will hopefully give those in the public relations industry an idea of what reporters, editors and news assignment managers experience throughout the day. 
I’ve known several reporters-turned-public relations consultants; however, I’ve never seen an article that focuses on the challenges individuals at media outlets face on a daily basis from a PR consultant’s perspective.
Once completed, I plan to write an article about my experiences and then pitch it to an industry trade publication.
So, here’s the deal – I’m planning to contact journalists (reporters, editors, news assignment managers, etc.) at a variety of publications to get their permission for me to shadow them and record the challenges, successes and frustrations they encounter in dealing with public relations practitioners on a daily basis. 
I have no idea how receptive individuals will be to this piece, but I’d love to shadow people at local, regional and even national media outlets.  I’m willing to travel and do the work if anyone out there is willing to let me shadow them.
I’m planning to record my experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly – right here so everyone can follow along if they so desire.  I am giving myself six months to participate in as many “shadows” as I can. 
If you know of anyone that would be willing to have me shadow them, please let me know…

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