Cooper River Bridge Run

Anyone out there running the Cooper River Bridge Run?  I am and I’m excited about it!  I used to run marathons but have slacked significantly over the past few years.  I figured since the race is a 10K I better get my rear in gear and run a little bit before the race.  I ran 5 miles a few times last week – whew!  I guess I am prepared.  I love visiting Charleston and it’s pretty cool to run over the bridge and land right downtown with thousands of other people on vacation. 

I wonder if the “locals” get annoyed, but it sure is a great way to get runners in the town and spend a little money (ahem – a lot of money!) while they are there. 

Come to think about it…I haven’t had too many great foot races in South Carolina.  I ran my second marathon in Kiawah and was in quite a bit of pain thanks to the gail force winds and my desire to keep up with the fast runners.  I really wanted to stop at mile 13 but the fact that my parents – who woke up at zero dark thirty to drive me to the island – had been already standing in freezing temperatures for hours guilt-tripped me into finishing. 

I kept thinking how lame it would be to show up at the finish line while riding on the back of a golf cart and eating a banana.  I guess the crowd really is a motivating factor. 

Here’s hoping for a stellar 10k next week!


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